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The Great Chester Pub Tour for that joyous reopening time...try it

This guide to Chester pubs (below) is running in the current Spring issue of the Campaign for Real Ale BEER magazine, as part of the celebration of 50 years of CAMRA. An amazingly successful pressure group, CAMRA was conceived by the Four Founding Fathers as they sought to find a decent pint of cask ale on a not very good night out in Chester back in 1971. I wrote this piece for the magazine to try and retrace their steps a little and to show beer life in the city is much improved nowadays, with a plethora of splendid ale houses.

Although mostly our regular haunts, we revisited all the pubs mentioned during the halcyon days of September when, you may recall, the pubs were allowed to be open despite the cosh of COVID-19. We can assure that each pub on the tour was strictly implementing the regulations and - in our humble opinion- were all perfectly safe. When the joyous day arrives for the pubs to reopen again - even though still, likely, living with coronavirus rules - we would recommend you visit Chester as soon as you can. Cheers and enjoy.

We gratefully thank BEER magazine ( the kind permission to reproduce the article here:

We hope to see our tours recommence this summer, if we can safely do so. If this pub walk appeals and you fancy combining it with a visit to one or two of the delightful independent breweries we know around Cheshire, North Wales or Shropshire please do shout. We are here to serve: 07751 578605 or

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