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Updated: Jul 4

At Beer Tours UK we strive to give a very special experience to beer enthusiasts from both the UK and abroad. We have enjoyed hosting visitors from North America, Australia, Scandinavia and Japan.

Our tours offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich and varied tapestry of the independent British cask ale brewing scene, all interwoven with visits to our unique British pubs.These are simply beer tours you just can't do alone - see our testimonials

"To top it all off, Steve’s keen palate and support of the local brewer’s work are top-notch. He knows the places he arranges to take you, understands the history, and is always great to provide the information at every location. Our trips without Steve would not be the same, every time you are in transport with him it is an adventure. You can’t do beer better than with Steve and Beer Tours UK ." Nathen, Peaks and Pints, Calgary Alberta, Canada. October 2022

If you are a cask ale novice come along with us and learn about the many various styles of this wonderful and unique British Brewing heritage. For cask veterans we will take you to new breweries and a raft of new beers to try out.

For the rest of 2024 and into 2025 we warmly welcome enquiries, both for our established tours around the North West of England and North Wales and new roll outs - including planned tours to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales or dramatic North York Moors and the wildly romantic Pennine Country.

Here's what is happening soon....

New Tours in summer and autumn 2024



Take a stroll with us around the fascinating and historic pubs of Chester, Liverpool. or Manchester. These tours can be tailored to your group for either the compact 2.5 hours early evening pub experience or our 4 hour afternoon tour, which takes in a brewery visit with light lunch. If you wish,you can decided the length of time you require for a small party. Contact us now for a summer tour experience.

If you have a group of like minded friends (from 4 to 14) you wish to celebrate a special event with or simply want to share a beer adventure together over a few days please make contact and we will work our carefully tailored tour for your group. Our tours can be arranged for from just one day or up to four days, with transport and quality accommodation included.

Please enquire at or ring 07751 578605 (mobile) or +44 (0) 1829 250502 for more information. We love to talk through our tours. 


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